“Shameless” – 10 Years and Still Going Strong

There are TV series that you don’t know will last for years or decades. Sometimes you think that is the end episode of it and then it comes as a surprise that the producer will air another season and will make you watch it over and over and over again. It is like you are getting addicted to it.

Some shows will last for like a year or two, and some you don’t even know if there’s ending or it is for a like lifetime if it is possible. Mainly, people are only interested in series in seeing sex, depravity, self-destruction, romance, or comedy, and many more.

There is a show that is all about the circle of destruction growing up in poverty and how the impoverished often feel they don’t deserve better and are self-destructive even when possible opportunities appear to better their situations.

If you have been living under a rock for the past nine years or so of your life, let me tell you reasons why the crazy lovable family will make you log in or sign up into a platform that will make you binge-watch the Shameless and get a roller coaster ride with them.

The show is currently on its tenth season and it gains more attraction and attention every episode. The movie is about a highly problematic family who lives in the south side area of Chicago. The Shameless show will give you emotion like roller coaster rides every episode of it and you will like every second of it.

Here are some reasons why it is still going strong after ten years:

  • It is the perfect mix of heartbreaks and drama.
  • There was never a boring episode of it.
  • It will always leave you craving and waiting for more.
  • The show isn’t scared to tackle issues like sex, poverty, addiction, and family love.
  • The characters of the show are also one main reason why is it still going on for a decade. Just like Fiona, she has a badass, strong and fiercely characters that kind of showing women empowerment.
  • The actors give justice to the characters that they are portraying.
  • This show promotes also romantic relationships even though the show is mainly about family love.
  • The show constantly brings much-needed awareness to mental illness throughout the series.
  • The show is funny enough that will make you laugh and laugh and laugh even after heartbreak and heartaches.