Nic Cage is Good, The Film Primal Isn’t

The movie opens with a very convincing scene. Nicolas Cage who plays Frank Walsh sat in a tree while reading a magazine while waiting for a rare white Jaguar to appear. This opening immediately promises an adventure that is quite interesting. Especially when we are taken to a place that is difficult to escape: the ship. Frank offers seventy-five thousand dollars to bring the ghost cat to Madrid and they wanted it alive. Let’s face it, not all movies are worth watching, even if the stars are pretty interesting.

One of the latest movies that starred Nicolas Cage is the Primal movie. Most movie critics didn’t find it interesting as the movie got so many bad reviews from people who already saw the film. They said that the trailer is pretty much convincing that the movie is going to be one of the best Nicolas Cage movies, but in reality, it is far from that.

 Here are some good and bad viewer’s feedbacks about the Primal movie starring Nicolas Cage:

  • The Film is pretty much generic.
  • The film’s effect, especially for the jaguar was pretty terrible. It looks like a bad cat scene in a movie. It does not completely look believable at all.
  • But there’s a lot of charming element about this film and you cannot even deny when you watch it.
  • Nicholas Cage is absolutely engaging and so good in this film; it’s just the film itself that didn’t give justice to the actor.
  • At the start of the film, Nicolas is not totally a nice guy; he is a bad guy a self-centered individual as he only wants money for his animals.
  • The scenes are pretty much predictable but it is still watchable.
  • Eventually, a movie like this will be a waste of money if you watch it in the cinema. Movies like this are good to watch at home while snacking on chips.
  • Surely, the dialogs are not going to win any award. None of this film is going to win any award.
  • What makes this film watchable is just Nicolas Cage.

Well if this is all also know that if he is the god of the actor who actually is good but subscribed to play in shabby films. It doesn’t matter; any film that has a question doesn’t look good or not relevant. It’s a Nicholas Cage movie. Make no mistake; this actor never won an Oscar, plus a Golden Globe.