Nic Cage is Good, The Film Primal Isn’t

The movie opens with a very convincing scene. Nicolas Cage who plays Frank Walsh sat in a tree while reading a magazine while waiting for a rare white Jaguar to appear. This opening immediately promises an adventure that is quite interesting. Especially when we are taken to a place that is difficult to escape: the ship. Frank offers seventy-five thousand dollars to bring the ghost cat to Madrid and they wanted it alive. Let’s face it, not all movies are worth watching, even if the stars are pretty interesting.

One of the latest movies that starred Nicolas Cage is the Primal movie. Most movie critics didn’t find it interesting as the movie got so many bad reviews from people who already saw the film. They said that the trailer is pretty much convincing that the movie is going to be one of the best Nicolas Cage movies, but in reality, it is far from that.

 Here are some good and bad viewer’s feedbacks about the Primal movie starring Nicolas Cage:

  • The Film is pretty much generic.
  • The film’s effect, especially for the jaguar was pretty terrible. It looks like a bad cat scene in a movie. It does not completely look believable at all.
  • But there’s a lot of charming element about this film and you cannot even deny when you watch it.
  • Nicholas Cage is absolutely engaging and so good in this film; it’s just the film itself that didn’t give justice to the actor.
  • At the start of the film, Nicolas is not totally a nice guy; he is a bad guy a self-centered individual as he only wants money for his animals.
  • The scenes are pretty much predictable but it is still watchable.
  • Eventually, a movie like this will be a waste of money if you watch it in the cinema. Movies like this are good to watch at home while snacking on chips.
  • Surely, the dialogs are not going to win any award. None of this film is going to win any award.
  • What makes this film watchable is just Nicolas Cage.

Well if this is all also know that if he is the god of the actor who actually is good but subscribed to play in shabby films. It doesn’t matter; any film that has a question doesn’t look good or not relevant. It’s a Nicholas Cage movie. Make no mistake; this actor never won an Oscar, plus a Golden Globe.

“Shameless” – 10 Years and Still Going Strong

There are TV series that you don’t know will last for years or decades. Sometimes you think that is the end episode of it and then it comes as a surprise that the producer will air another season and will make you watch it over and over and over again. It is like you are getting addicted to it.

Some shows will last for like a year or two, and some you don’t even know if there’s ending or it is for a like lifetime if it is possible. Mainly, people are only interested in series in seeing sex, depravity, self-destruction, romance, or comedy, and many more.

There is a show that is all about the circle of destruction growing up in poverty and how the impoverished often feel they don’t deserve better and are self-destructive even when possible opportunities appear to better their situations.

If you have been living under a rock for the past nine years or so of your life, let me tell you reasons why the crazy lovable family will make you log in or sign up into a platform that will make you binge-watch the Shameless and get a roller coaster ride with them.

The show is currently on its tenth season and it gains more attraction and attention every episode. The movie is about a highly problematic family who lives in the south side area of Chicago. The Shameless show will give you emotion like roller coaster rides every episode of it and you will like every second of it.

Here are some reasons why it is still going strong after ten years:

  • It is the perfect mix of heartbreaks and drama.
  • There was never a boring episode of it.
  • It will always leave you craving and waiting for more.
  • The show isn’t scared to tackle issues like sex, poverty, addiction, and family love.
  • The characters of the show are also one main reason why is it still going on for a decade. Just like Fiona, she has a badass, strong and fiercely characters that kind of showing women empowerment.
  • The actors give justice to the characters that they are portraying.
  • This show promotes also romantic relationships even though the show is mainly about family love.
  • The show constantly brings much-needed awareness to mental illness throughout the series.
  • The show is funny enough that will make you laugh and laugh and laugh even after heartbreak and heartaches.

Old TV Shows Are All Screened Online For Free

While you most likely use at least one paid streaming service like Netflix or Hulu, did you know that there are other places to watch TV shows for free? If you’re a big fan of old TV shows, you could get really lucky and find these online for free on websites such as Let’s take a look at how.

Finding Old TV Shows Online

A lot of online streaming services allow you to watch your TV show favorites. In many cases, the quality of playback is great, and some sites even specialize in specific genres (documentaries, vintage shows, etc.) to help you with your search. You might even stumble upon your favorite old TV show that you haven’t been able to find anywhere else!

How To Watch Old TV Shows For Free?

So, how exactly do you watch that TV series online for free? Well, different websites could be used based on what you’re looking for. Pluto TV, Crackle, and Roku Channel all offer both current and old TV shows. You’ll have to sign up on Tubi TV but once you do, you’ll have access to top films and shows. 123 movies, StreamFlixPro, and Vumoo are other great sites to watch old TV shows for free.

Say Goodbye To Paid Streaming

If you’re ready to binge-watch your favorite old TV shows, you’re in luck! Just a few buttons on the keyboard and you’ll be watching your favorite old TV show in no time. Say goodbye to costly subscription fees because most of the libraries on these sites will have any TV show you want for free. The sites are easy to use, and the streaming is quick. Many of the sites are mobile-friendly too, so you can watch anywhere! So, sit back, relax, and start watching that old TV show you love!

“The Gentlemen” Focuses On Drug Wars In Britain

There is a new blockbuster hit from the man who did the live-action remake of Aladdin, Guy Ritchie. It is the heart-stopper, that is, The Gentlemen. It is his first work for 2020, and it is bigger than anything he has ever worked before. The film boasts an amazing cast of actors, starring Hugh Grant, Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Henry Golding, Michelle Dockery, Jeremy Strong, Eddie Marsan and Colin Farrell. It is already palpable with its cast that the movie will earn such a great success. It is easily a contender and a favorite.

The story of these gentlemen

The Gentlemen follows an American drug kingpin, played by Matthew McConaughey, who is out for the blood of the new, more ruthless challenger, played by Henry Golding. It narrated through a private detective, played by Hugh Grant, who informs an enforcer Ray, played by Charlie Hunnam. Grant’s character wants to expose McConaughey’s character’s shady business and reach put to Hunnam’s character for assistance. Grant also plans to blackmail everyone and to lay it all out in a screenplay, which he will write. He will call the screenplay “BUSH,” a euphemism for marijuana, which is what McConaughey is known for.

As the story progressed, more and more characters get involved, and more violence ensues. The violent nature of each character leads the movie into several aggressive, albeit mischievous, but very in-your-face turn of events. In classic Guy Ritchie tradition, the film has a fast-paced sequence with breath-taking action scenes. Each scene is done with such electric energy, and every gunfire is like a beat to the next heart-pumping thing. The protagonist is just as villainous and ambitious as the antagonists that there is really no way up.  

Wars between sides

This action-comedy film does not only focus on the characters that amplify the story. It is also focusing on the drug wars that have been happening in Britain. The film depicts the scenarios possibly happening with these hidden organized crimes. The movie might depict the protagonist with such cleverness and the antagonists with such deceptive personalities, but the reality of these gangs being at large is palpable.

The movie is not a reference for what is actually happening in the streets, but it shows the power struggle between gangs and the repercussions that follow their clashes. No matter how witty these characters might appear, it should be taken in with a more in-depth understanding as there is always something underneath the veil. Human lives are at stake.    

Is There More To “The Mandalorian” Than Baby Yoda?

Animated series will always be one of the top favorites not only for kids but for adults as well. Everyone easily gets hooked up to these series because people are amazed by magic, fantasies, or anything that is new to them. People will always be interested about the creatures from other worlds. But instead of fearing them, watching TV or movie series about such creatures will make you realize that they are not harmful as what you think. One movie series where you can see a unique creature that a lot of people are amazed of is Star Wars. Star Wars fans would never want to miss a single episode of it that they even want to ask for more.

What You Should Know about Baby Yoda

A popular creature that you can see in Star Wars series is Yoda. However, with the latest addition in Star Wars which is The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda which is also known the child is not really Yoda. They were just of the same species. In this series a Mandalorian bounty hunter is paid to do tasks for the clients. This is why he met Baby Yoda. At first, he was paid for giving baby Yoda to his client. He then asked his client about his plan for the child. He decided to retrieve the child instead of continuing his job.

Because of saving Baby Yoda, he was attacked by the guild’s bounty hunters. With the power of Baby Yoda, they have escaped and reached a village where he left Baby Yoda. However, another bounty hunter would want to get the child. He then realized that keeping Baby Yoda in the village is no longer safe. The Armorer assigned The Mandalorian to care for the child. He was also asked to discover the origin of Baby Yoda and return it to where it belongs. In the end, the bounty hunter and the child leave the planet to find where Baby Yoda came from.

The story is indeed very exciting especially for those who are a fan of Star Wars. This is not only about Baby Yoda but there are still lots of things that you can expect from the series. The fight scenes are intensifying making you feel that you are also a part of the battle. Baby Yoda is in fact gaining popularity online that lots of memes were made. There are also toys and other consumer products of Baby Yoda that are widely available in the market.

The Highest Movie Budget Of All Time

Films are made with a specific budget. Finances are to be settled well before filming so that the shoot will transition without any problem. However, this is not always the case in Hollywood. Year after year, the production expenses in a film increase as audiences demand better quality, whether it be the special effects, the set, the costumes, all of the above.

The production of a film is the time in which it is created and shot. The set designers and staging crew will design the set. The costume designers will create the attires for all characters and extras. The director, assistant editor, sound editors, script supervisor, and actors will work together toward the completion of the film. The distribution team will oversee the final stages of the film, make the necessary adverts, and schedule the release date at the cinemas. They also organize the launch parties and press releases. All these preparation and production will cost a considerable amount depending on the materials and the people that were involved in the film.

Most expensive film of all time

As filmmakers produce films every year, there is a great chance that a newer, flashier film will outdo the most expensive movie of the current date. However, over the course of time, people also realize the secretive side of accounting a movie budget. Most film producers do not declare the total cost of their films. For the longest time, it was “Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides” that held the record budget of $378.5 million. This is followed by “Avengers: Endgame” at $3.65 million, “Avengers: Infinity War” at $356 million and “Avengers: Age of Ultron” at $316 million. “Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End” and “Justice League” tied in fifth place at $300 million.

Several factors affect inflation in making a film. Film has come a long way from the silent era. The movie budget of that time cannot possibly survive with the demands of the current time. The invention of better cameras, sound equipment, special effects, sets, costumes, has only pushed the envelop for newcomers to raise the bar even higher. This continuation of pushing limits, in turn, makes the demand for better, more expensive equipment in creating a “better” film.

In the ’90s, the bar was even raised further. Two films directed by James Cameron cost $100 million for True Lies, $200 million for Titanic. This has set the bar to production cost for good quality movie all around.  

How Realistic Are The Battle Scenes In “Midway?”

What is the Movie “Midway?”

Midway is a historical movie. It was the event the follows the story of the devastating 1941 attack on the U.S. naval located at Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, by the Japanese forces. After six months, the battle in Midway began due to another impending attack of the Japanese forces in the U.S.

The battle in Midway is the first step of the United States’ campaign to defeat the Japanese forces. This is also their first significant victory in the Pacific area during World War 2. The battle took place on June 4-7, 1942. It was a sea and air battle, which is marked as the first comeback victory of the United States against the Japanese forces.

What about the battle in the movie, are they real?

First of all, the characters in the movie were accurate. Even their faces look a significant resemblance to the real person in the history. Second, the ships, planes, and other things that we can see in the movie are also accurate. Since there were no planes and aircraft carriers used in 1942 that can function well, they had to create everything from scratch to make them as precisely as they were before.

When it comes to battle sequences, the movie’s fact check reveals that it is relatively accurate. However, some details are needed to be sacrificed so that filmmakers could get the shots they wanted for the movie. To do that, they need to change the formations of planes and ships to shoot them together, so they can capture lots of ships and aircraft in one shot. We can see this in the movie on the Midway Atoll as the Japanese execute their attack.

Exaggerated destruction

There were also times in the movie where the destruction was exaggerated. One example of that is the air raid scene conducted by United States on the airbase controlled by the Japanese on Marshall Islands. Another one is when Dauntless blew up more than five Mitsubishi G3Ms, when in real historical account they only blew up one on the ground. Also many of the bombs dropped by the Japanese did not hit their targets. But for the purpose of the movie, they have to exaggerate. They have to make ground hits more than once or all at the same time so they can effectively convey the destruction to the audience.

Therefore the account of the war and the story conveyed by the movie is accurate. However, they have to exaggerate the battle to make it palatable for the eyes of the viewers.